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How to install

Normally you should be able to run our client by a simple double click after installing Java (version 8 or higher), however sometimes issues may occur. In that case you can follow these steps:

Verify Java version

Open up a terminal (On Windows: Start > Run > type 'cmd.exe') and in run 'java -version'. This should return with a message similar to 'Java version 1.8' or a higher number. Otherwise check your Java installation (and verify it's added to your environment path).

Check your User Directory

Open up your user directory (On Windows: 'C:\Users\You'), you should find a folder named 'RuneRealmCache' try deleting this folder and restarting the client.

Use our debugging kit

Download this archive and extract it, place the RuneRealm.jar inside this folder and instead execute the 'Run Client.bat' file. A console should open printing possible error messages, contact a Staff member to help you out further resolve this.

Still No Luck?

If the previous step is too difficult, don't hesitate to join our Discord or Forums and ask for help setting up!

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How To Play

You only need two things:

If you need more assistance join our forums or discord.